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Well-known aviation companies trust Sollberger to make special parts for them:
from interior fittings for rescue helicopters to load-bearing aircraft structural parts.
We also produce components and interiors for various airlines. 

The Sollberger team has specialized in the manufacturing of complex parts from a
wide range of different materials.

We process aluminum, titanium, various plastics, stainless steel and steel parts
according to the complex requirements and specifications of the aerospace industry.
We produce a bright variety of different products in house.  Using the latest high-tech
robotic machining centers, we provide precision parts of the highest quality at very
interesting prices.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are used to continuously reviewing and
improving our processes. The traceability of your products is guaranteed when you
order from Sollberger AG. Our production processes are designed so that our production
steps and materials are 100% traceable.

With 50 years of experience, Sollberger AG is your partner for aeronautical engineering.

Tragende Strukturteile für das ganze Flugzeug.

All types of aircraft load-bearing parts

Interiors for rescue helicopter

Inneneinrichtung für div. Airlines

Interiors for various airlines

 CNC milling | Assembly | CNC turning | Impeller | Plastic machining | More
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