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Titanium machining

We produce titanium components for well-known companies and are
experts when it comes to the processing of materials that are difficult to machine.

Titan is very expensive compared to other materials. Thanks to 46 years of experience,
we can reliably produce work pieces without the need for a specimen thus cutting the
costs of working with titanium parts. 

With optimal programming and the right production tools we offer:

  • fast and efficient programming from Step model (3D model)
  • virtual simulation with machine models

Thanks to our extensive experience, various optimizations can be made:
- Time savings
- Maximum process reliability
- Tool cost optimisation
- Material removal (HSC) (HF)
- Optimal tool paths (lower cycle times / longer tool life)

The following strategies are being introduced
HSC/HF strategies
- Trochoid toolpaths (optimized swarf cutting)

Specific weight of titanium

- 4.5 gr/cm3

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