Mission statement and organisational chart

Sollberger AG is known as a reliable partner of the apparatus and machine industry
as well as companies in the fields of medical and aeronautical engineering.
By employing an effective, economic management system, we want to live
up to this reputation now and in future, while we strengthen our competitive
position and continue to grow.

Our quality policy is based on the following principles.

1: Satisfied customers, satisfied employees

2: Continuous quality improvement

3: Increasing value creation

We implement these principles with a systematic and effective quality management system as follows:

  • We take the initiative, we take action and we persist in our commitment to ensuring that our quality
    management system is effectively applied throughout the company to ensure the satisfaction our
    customers and employees.
  • We have a policy of transparency and trust towards our customers and employees.
    Purposeful and motivated employees are important to us.
  • We encourage quality awareness of all employees and promote personal responsibility.
    Self-inspection is no slogan — it is daily practice at Sollberger..
  • We optimise all processes, production methods and services through constant improvements..
  • We strengthen the self-confidence of employees and increase motivation through education
    and training opportunities
  • Through teamwork, we are confident that everyone at Sollberger will be successful together.

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